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Fused Silica, UNCOATED

Fused silica has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion, which provides stability and resistance to thermal shock over a large temperature range. With increased hardness and resistance to scratching, fused silica windows are popular in applications set in stressful environments. They also provide superior transmission for the UV wavelengths, and is commonly used in laser applications or imaging systems set in the UV range.


Material Fused Silica
Dimensional Tolerance +/-0.15
Thickness Tolerance +/-0.15
Surface Quality 60/40 Scratch/Dig
Coating None


Size (mm)Thk (mm)P/nQuantityAdd to Cart Button
20 X 20322041
Dia. 15322040
15 X 15322039
Dia. 12.7322038
12.7 X 12.7322037
Dia. 10322036