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High Transmission Ghost Free Diffuser

Diffusion plates are primarily designed to observe real image in an optical beam path. They are also used to create uniform illumination in lighting systems. Optical glass in its polished state is carefully worked on to produce an even, uniform diffused surface, finely ground on one side. Coupled with the high transmission properties of the corresponding surface, they have the added advantage of being ghost-free, providing maximum transmission efficiency with a highly even diffusion scatter.


Material Float glass
Dimensional Tolerance +/-0.15
Thickness Tolerance +/-0.2
Surface Quality 80/50 Scratch/Dig


P/nSize (mm)Thk (mm)QuantityAdd to Cart Button
24030Dia. 101
2403112.7 X 12.71
24032Dia. 12.71
2403315 X 151