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RA prism

Right Angle Prism

Right angle prisms are generally used to achieve a 90° light path bend, redirecting light and rotating images. Images are inverted, but correct left-to-right. The right angle prisms are suitable for applications involving external mechanical stress, because they are easier to mount, and deform much less than plate mirror. These are commonly used in optical systems such as telescopes and periscopes.



Material BK7
Dimensional Tolerance +0/-0.1mm
Angle Tolerance ±15 arc seconds
Bevel 0.3mm x 45°
Hypotenuse Aluminized, with black paint protection


P/nSize (mm)CoatingHypONoteQuantityAdd to Cart Button
30118-1457MgF2Alum.w/ black paint
30118-240MgF2Alum.w/ black paint
30118-135MgF2Alum.w/ black paint
30118-1230MgF2Alum.w/ black paint
30118-325.4MgF2Alum.w/ black paint
30118-825MgF2Alum.w/ black paint
30118-915MgF2Alum.w/ black paint
30118-610MgF2Alum.w/ black paint
30118-106.25MgF2Alum.w/ black paint