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Products and Services

Asides from our standard range of products, we are also able to produce custom items in both R&D quantities and large volume production, at cost effective prices. We are also able to provide a number of high performance, durable and hydroscopic coatings. We started as manufacturers of customized precision optical components and our customization abilities are still rooted deep within us. Our products include but are not limited to

Longpass and Shortpass filters
Bandpass filters designed to work specifically with LED lighting
Right Angle Prisms
Dove Prisms
Penta Prisms
Amici Prisms
Right Angle Mirror Prisms
B270 Windows
AR Coated Windows
Sapphire Windows
UV grade fused silica windows
Plate beamsplitters and cube beamsplitters
R and T% 50/50; 25/75; 75/25; 10/90
Bi-Concave; Bi-Convex
Pl-Concave; Pl-Convex
Achromatic Doublets (Positive and Negative)

We would be happy to discuss your optical requirements with you. Please feel free to contact us for any of your optical needs.