Production Facilities

Precision Optical Systems Singapore’s production facility offers comprehensive and innovative manufacturing capabilities for plano optical components, lenses and prisms. We specialise in fabricating customized optical parts for a wide variety of applications ranging from vision inspection, to quality assurance, to research and more.

Our total area is spread out over 7500 sq ft. and our machines include (but is not limited to) –
  • High Accuracy Cut/Scribe machine for repeatable close tolerance processing of plano optical components
  • Dicing machine for repeatable close tolerance processing of high precision plano optical components
  • Vertical Surface grinder for milling
  • 10 Edger (Bothner, Germany) machines
  • 2 pre grinding machines
  • 2 fine grinding machines
  • 10 spindles of polishing machines
  • Laser marking machine for easy identification of loose optical components

Quality Assurance

Our production facility is based in Singapore, which allows us full control of the manufacturing process. This translates to fast turn around, short lead time, and firm quality control. We are commited to fulfilling the demands and requirements of our valued customers.

To maintain higher levels of production quality and accuracy, our facilities feature an updated range of testing equipment, including but not limited to:
  • Over 500 sets of radius test glasses
  • Davidson Vertical Autocollimator
  • Precision Autocollimator Model FD
  • S.T. Centration Error Measuring Device
  • Zygo Interferometer Mark II
  • Davidson Optronics Interferometer
  • Shimadzu Spectrophotometer (UV-VIS)