Laser Safety - CE Certified Models Available

Laser Shield Curtains

All Models CE Certified!!! It is essential to contain a laser within an enclosed area from a safety point of view. The YLC laser curtains not only provides isolation of the laser control area, but it also offers a cost efficient, large area protection solution for laser control environments. Now available for all laser wavelengths, the YLC series offers full spectrum protection. It is also stackable to achieve higher ODs if required. The YLC laser curtains are truly versatile, easy to cut and install solutions.

Important Note

If your requirement is not included in our stock list, please enquire with us as our in-house production facility can quickly and affordably customize off-the-shelf components to a variety of sizes and shapes that will meet standard, precision or high precision quality.

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Model Name / Standard Wavelength (nm) / OD Color / Luminous Transmittance Minimum size (mm) Maximum Size (mm) Qty
YLC-1Plus / CE 266-355,1064,808-2100,10600 / 5<,5<,3<,3< Blue Grey / 30% 1000x500x0.5 1000x10000x0.5
YLC-2A / CE 190-540 / 4< Clear Orange / 30% 1000x500x0.5 1000x10000x0.5
YLC-3 / CE 585-810 / 3< Green / 3% 1000x500x0.5 1000x10000x0.5