Neutral Density Filters

Neutral Density filters VIS

Neutral Density (ND) Filters reduce overall light transmission evenly throughout a range of wavelengths.

ND Filters are characterized by a measure of percent transmittance through the filter or it’s Optical Density (OD) which describes the amount of light blocked. A filter with a low OD has higher transmission (OD 0.3 = 50% transmission), and a filter with a high OD has lower transmission (OD 2.0 = 1% transmission).

ND filters are additive and can be stacked to further reduce transmission. For example:

OD 0.6 (25%T) = OD 1.2(12.5%T) = OD 1.8 (1.5%T)

ND filters are most commonly used to reduce light intensity. They are used to reduce shutter speed to create blur or motion, and allow for a decreased depth of field. POSS offers a complete range of ODs in various sizes and shapes. Custom OD, sizes and shapes available. Please enquire with us for more details.

Important Note

If your requirement is not included in our stock list, please enquire with us as our in-house production facility can quickly and affordably customize off-the-shelf components to a variety of sizes and shapes that will meet standard, precision or high precision quality.

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P/n Average Transmission Optical Density Nominal Thickness Applicable Range Qty
ND-T7500 75% 0.13 1mm (+/-0.2) 425-675nm
ND-T5000 50% 0.3 1.2mm (+/-0.2) 425-675nm
ND-T2500 25% 0.6 1.1mm (+/-0.2) 425-675nm
ND-T1250 12.5% 0.9 1.8mm (+/-0.2) 425-675nm
ND-T1000 10% 1.0 1mm (+/-0.2) 425-675nm
ND-T0625 6.25% 1.2 1.25mm (+/-0.2) 425-675nm
ND-T0500 5% 1.3 2.5mm (+/-0.2) 425-675nm
ND-T0100 1% 2.0 2.1mm (+/-0.2) 425-675nm
ND-T0050 0.5% 2.3 1.65mm (+/-0.2) 425-675nm
ND-T0010 0.1% 3.0 2.1mm (+/-0.2) 425-675nm
ND-T0001 0.01% 4.0 2.85mm (+/-0.2) 425-675nm