Optical Prism

Right Angle Mirror Prism

Right Angle Prism Mirrors reflect light at a 90 deg angle. Mirror applications which require precision alignment commonly utilize Right Angle Mirror Prisms due to their highly accurate yet simple to mount structure. They are ideal when higher performance is required especially when compared to a plate mirror. POSS provides Right Angle Prism Mirrors with a hypotenuse coating of enhanced aluminium for visible range applications in the 450-650nm region, or a protected silver coating for high reflectivity in VIS-NIR from 450-2000nm range, in a variety of sizes and lengths.

Material N-BK7
Dimension Tolerance +0/-0.15mm
Angle Tolerance ±3 Arc Minutes
Bevel Max 0.3mm x 45°
Coating on legs None, unless otherwise stated
Hypotenuse As stated
a) Enhanced Aluminium Ravg > 95% @ 400-700nm
b) Protected Silver Ravg > 98% @ 400-2000nm

Important Note

If your requirement is not included in our stock list, please enquire with us as our in-house production facility can quickly and affordably customize off-the-shelf components to a variety of sizes and shapes that will meet standard, precision or high precision quality.

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P/n Size AxB (mm) Hypo (mm) Length C (mm) Coating Qty
PMA30823 3x3 4.24 10 Enhanced Aluminium
PMA30318-27 4x4 5.66 4 Enhanced Aluminium
PMA30318-31 4x4 5.66 10 Enhanced Aluminium
PMA30318-34 4x4 5.66 20 Enhanced Aluminium
PMA30824 4.5x4.5 6.36 4.5 Enhanced Aluminium
4.5x4.5 6.36 5 Enhanced Aluminium
4.5x4.5 6.36 5.5 Enhanced Aluminium
PMA30825 4.5x4.5 6.36 9 Enhanced Aluminium
4.5x4.5 6.36 12 Enhanced Aluminium
PMA30852-11 6x6 7.81 8 Enhanced Aluminium
PMA30826 7x7 9.9 15.5 Enhanced Aluminium
PMA30826 7x7 9.9 22.5 Enhanced Aluminium
PMA30833 20x20 28.28 20 Protected Silver
PMA30330 25x25 35.36 25 Enhanced Aluminium
PMA30318-58 25x25 36.36 100 Hybrid
PMA30318-22 28x28 39.6 30 Enhanced Aluminium