Optical Prism

Right Angle Prism

Right Angle Prisms are commonly used to bend light at a 90° angle. When a light ray entering through one of the prism’s legs hits the glass/air boundary of the hypotenuse, total internal reflection occurs and the reflected light exits through the other prism leg. Images are inverted, but correct left-to-right. Precision Optical Systems offers N-BK7 Right Angle Prisms with a mirror coated hypotenuse surface, and AR coating on the legs to reduce surface loss and optimize the reflection.

Material N-BK7
Dimension Tolerance +0/-0.15mm
Angle Tolerance ±2 Arc Minutes
Bevel Max 0.3mm x 45°
Coating on legs MgF2
Hypotenuse Enhanced Aluminium
Note Black Protective Paint on Hypo

Important Note

If your requirement is not included in our stock list, please enquire with us as our in-house production facility can quickly and affordably customize off-the-shelf components to a variety of sizes and shapes that will meet standard, precision or high precision quality.

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P/n Size A x B (mm) Length C (mm) Hypo (mm) Note Qty
30118-14 6.25 x 6.25 6.25 8.84 w/ black paint
30118-2 10 x 10 10 14.14 w/ black paint
30118-1 15 x 15 15 21.21 w/ black paint
30118-12 25 x 25 25 35.36 w/ black paint
30118-3 25.4 x 25.4 25.4 35.92 w/ black paint
30118-8 30 x 30 30 42.43 w/ black paint
30118-9 35 x 35 35 49.5 w/ black paint
30118-6 40 x 40 40 56.57 w/ black paint
30118-10 57 x 57 57 80.61 w/ black paint